A Filipino term used as a sign of respect to an older male relative such as a brother, cousin, or family friend.


Abbreviation for "Kiko", a common nickname for Francisco in Spanish Latin America and the Philippines.


"Marketing mercenary by day, creative ninja by night."

Was it something I said or just my personality?

I'm a millennial. An 80s baby, child of the 90s, and fondly remember the analog, tangible, real world. I grew up with vinyl, floppy disks, disposable cameras, VHS, cassettes, trading cards, tube TVs, animatronic production, wired controllers, landlines, and a world without the Internet. I evolved with the digital shift, found my passion, and channel my imaginative energy to explore creative ways to market premium products, services, and emerging technologies.

Young Urban Creative Professional.

Working on both client and agency sides of the marketing industry has given me a clear perspective of business to customer relationships, and everything in between. Over the years I've leveled up, acquiring progressive experience in Social Media, Digital, Direct, and Experiential Marketing, as well as Retail, Sales, Training, Operations, and Logistics in both private and public sectors.

I have collaborated with a myriad of notable brands including Microsoft, Nintendo, Samsung, Rogers, BlackBerry, Dell, Ubisoft, Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, Johnson & Johnson, Canadian Tire, Church & Dwight, and TD on award-winning marketing campaigns and events featuring talent such as Deadmau5, Lights, Weezer, Psy, Wayne Gretzky, and more.


TL:DR I'm alright I guess and totes profesh.

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